We  have limited slots left for artisans at this years Appleby Magna Food Gusto Festival on the 27th of August.  The event wants to showcase the best of what the local area has to offer, so we are offering pitches to local artisans to showcase your products and creativity.  This could range from hand made glass products, pottery, jewellery, leather goods – in fact there is no limit to the creativity as long as it’s been hand made in the region!

We’ve only got limited space so if you are a local artisan, or you know of local artisans, get them to call Wes on 07966019133 or call Jaime on 01530 411337. You can also send us an email at artisan@foodgusto.com.

Food Gusto_Artisan_2016_APPLEBY-001

Calling ALL Local Artisans For The Appleby Magna Food Gusto Festival!