2022 Food Gusto Events

We have just one event left for 2022, make sure to join us for the Ashby Food Gusto Christmas Fair, More information below!

Ashby Food Gusto Christmas Fair – Sat 3rd & Sun 4th December

For exhibitors, you can find more information on the booking process here: https://www.foodgusto.com/exhibitors/

Food Gusto

Food Gusto are passionate about great local food and drink and we have been bringing that enthusiasm into our food festivals for the past 11 years.

Our festivals pull the local community and businesses together to celebrate the best it has to offer with a weekend of family fun, entertainment and endless plates and glasses of high quality local produce.

The visitors to our food festivals are given a chance to try gourmet food, handmade confectioneries, artisan breads, specialty beers and locally produced wines, to name a few. We also put on entertainment for you, your friends and family to enjoy such as local musicians and performers. Many of our stalls offer “try before you buy” sampling, ensuring you buy the produce you love. We also support local artisans, such as handcrafted wooden products, ceramics and fabric masterpieces and Charities.

The best food and drink – a great day out!