Biddulph’s Traditional Pizza From A Wood Fired Oven

Share the love with some wood fired pizza from Biddulphs Pizzeria who will be cooking their authentic Italian cuisine at the Ashby Food Gusto Festival on Sunday the 29th of May. Their freshly hand made pizzas are made using the finest Italian ingredients which gives them a unique quality and flavour.


Jason Biddulph

The Food Gusto Festival is on the Bath Grounds in the centre of Ashby de la Zouch.

Find them  at or

@Biddulph’s Pizzeria

Biddulph’s Pizza Menu (Options may change on day)

Gluten Free Bases Available


The classic pizza. Fresh pizza sauce , Mozzarella ,Olive Oil Basil


Fresh Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella,Tuna, Anchovies , Olive Oil

Various Selection of Vegetarian Pizza

*Onions,Spinach,Olives, drizzle of extra virgin olive oil *Aspragus with sun dried tomatoes *Forestiere mushroom with garlic and pesto *Broccoli garlic and chilli *Asparagus and peppers with extra virgin olive oil

Garlic Bread

Fresh Dough , Drizzled With Garlic, Parsley and Olive Oil Dressing


Fresh Pizza Sauce, Mozzarella,Pepperoni , Olive Oil


Fresh Pasta Sauce, Mozzarella ,Olives, Cherry Tomatoes , Olive Oil

Chilli Special

Fresh pizza sauce , Mozzarella &Bacon , Sweet Green Chilli & Rocket


Fresh pizza sauce, Goats Cheese, Chorizo Rocket


Fresh tomato sauce ,Pancetta & Aubergine , Olive with Basil


Fresh Pizza Sauce, Mozzerella, Spicy Beef, Onions, Olive Oil


Fresh pizza sauce, Mozzarella , Ham & Pineapple

Biddulph’s Special

Fresh pizza sauce , Mozzarella ,Olives, Onion and Spinach